Monday, 7 February 2011


Well, this has been a bit of a funny old weekend. First up, the usual fallout from Back class was dreadful and in my case on Saturday, it actually turned into a "fall-down"!  It is the first time I have actually fallen; my knees have given way in the past, but I have always grabbed onto something and never completely hit the deck.  I have to admit to being  frightened by this experience - just another little sign I am are not exactly in control here.

The upside however, was spending time with my husband and youngest daughter.  We walked around town (ok, I admit it was slow and I had to sit down every 10 minutes) and we had coffee together.  Now my coffee habit can only be described as.....well.... a firmly-established dependency really.  I seem to be addicted to the stuff and Costas latte is the worst.  It's like a Pavlov's Dog Response - I see it, I smell  it, I want it, I have it and at £2.45 a pop it doesn't come cheap.  I like to square this particular circle with my own justifications:  1) it's less expensive than a packet of cigarettes and doesn't harm my lungs (we're not worrying too much about the rest of the health issues here); 2) it provides me with a legitimate "sit down" in a nice warm environment (unlike the shoe shop, where I pretend to be trying on shoes but am actually just desperate for a rest: no madam doesn't really like these ones, perhaps in another colour on another day....) and most importantly 3) it provides "me-time" where I can sit and read, or write that world famous blockbuster novel that will be turned into an Oscar winning film with Colin Firth playing the leading man, or plan out a business venture that will  keep me in a manner to which I can become quickly accustomed to.  In other words it keeps me off the streets and sane and human and therefore, in my humble opinion, is well worth the£2.45.

Not only that, but it's different to just having a cup of coffee at home: at home you look at the carpet that hasn't been vacuumed, or the TV that is showing such utter twaddle you are almost embarrassed to admit you are watching it. No, you have made the effort to go out, to park your backside where there are few "distractions" (unless you are unlucky enough to be sitting next to the yummy mummy with 17 kids all under the age of 3) and to share this with my family has been a real bonus for me this weekend and a warming experience.  It's almost as though we were removed from the rest of the world for just 30 minutes (my 9 year old has a babychino - it makes her feel very grown up) and we sit and chat about anything and everything, but noticeably NOT about my back....for there are other things in life...

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